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Lawyers are philosophically, intellectually, and personally not up to the task of advancing the promise of decentralization and individual empowerment presented  by cryptography, trustless peer-to-peer transactions, cryptocurrency,  and blockchain technology in liberating humanity from the inept, parasitic, rent seeking, central planners who’ve enslaved it. They are married to the status quo, parasitic benefactors of its iniquities, vested in its continuation, not elimination. Economically, almost all are in some way dependent upon our centralized, mixed economy for their survival; intellectually, it is lawyers, legal scholars at our bereft Ivy League academic institutions and their snarling herd of remedial sheep students who lead the long march to American tyranny in the 20th Century and continue to in the 21st, low lifes living the high life  at the vanguard of critical legal theory, utilitarianism, and the cesspool of bereft theories of justice that present themselves as superior alternatives to objective law applied  by neutral judges with individual rights as the only proper standard of value and unit of measure in administering justice. 

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