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Crypto Exchange Litigation

C yberPunk.Lawyer Oliver Wright’s representation of one of the largest individual claimants in the Mt. Gox bankruptcy and civil rehabilitation has evolved into multiple legal, business, regulatory, and forensic crypto exchange touch points. In 2018, Oliver’s bombastic launch of Mt. Gox Bitcoin Recovery Corp. at the North American Crypto Conference in Las Vegas overtook the entire 3 day long, 10,000 attendee event. What began as a legal, investigative, and forensic vehicle to recover the 650,000 hacked bitcoins turned into a joint effort with Brock Pierce to re-launch the exchange as a hardened, air gapped, yet less centralized protocol embracing social trading and peer-to-peer lending among Gox’s die hard retail base, with claimant’s receiving equity in the recapitalized exchange to make up for the hacked coins, in a similar vein to Bank of the Future’s recapitalization of BitStamp following it’s devastating hack. As the Coin Base litigation have delayed voting on a Civil Rehabilitation Plan, Oliver and CyberPunk.Law have developed in-house forensic blockchain tracing to surface accountable third parties, ranging from BTCe, to FBI elements within the Silk Road Task force, to the DOJ’s civil forfeiture action against 60,000 BTC recovered from a mystery hacker. Our multiple crypto exchange roles place CyberPunk.Law at the front of a very small pack of firms with comprehensive legal, operational, and cybersecurity knowledge of the digital crypto exchange space, both from a transactional and litigation posture.